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Wendy Willis, CPB

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

We have several staff who work in our office doing bookkeeping, payroll, HST, and year end prep work.  Wendy Willis is the president of Integrated Business Management Group Inc. and she is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper. She has over 15 year experience in bookkeeping.

Executive Team

Wendy Willis, CPB
Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Wendy does bookkeeping, consulting training and seminars in QuickBooks.  She has also been certified in QuickBooks, Simply Accounting and MYOB.

Wendy has operated this business since 1996.  The business was incorporated in 1999.

Wendy sells software and does setup, installation and training for new small businesses and does conversion for those switching software or trying to link to their specialty third party software or point of sale software.

Training, Consulting

QuickBooks Bookkeeping training and support

Wendy Willis 

Phone : 250-882-1680

QuickBooks Consulting & Bookkeeping

Integrated Business Management Group Inc.

Why a CPB?

A CPB is trained to record your year-end adjustments and prepare your adjusted trial balance - the last step before the financial statements and tax return are prepared. Your financial statements and tax returns are only as good as the company books that you give to your Accountant​