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Why a CPB?

A CPB is trained to record your year-end adjustments and prepare your adjusted trial balance - the last step before the financial statements and tax return are prepared. Your financial statements and tax returns are only as good as the company books that you give to your Accountant​

QuickBooks Tips or Frequently Asked Questions

We have been using QuickBooks since it first came out, and are very familiar with all kinds of shortcuts to allow you to do your entries quicker and more accurately.  Many of our clients will be able to put aside extra Excel spreadsheets, as they find out how to use the QuickBooks software to reconcile many accounts besides the bank account.

Q: Can you rereconile a bank statement? 
A: Of course, just reconcile again on the same date that you used the first time.  Use zero as the statement balance.  Check your printed reconciliation report to confirm which date you used.  Then reconcile the corrected item back into that reconcilation by checking it off.  Then to finish the reconciliation, modify the balance and make it agree to what you see on the screen as the Cleared Balance. You should not have any adjusting entries to delete with this method.

Q: Can you still use IIF files to import into QuickBooks 2011.
A: Yes, some entries will work quite well, however, Intuit Canada does not support the use of IIF files.  We can help we integration problems because we have worked with many different addon software and point of sale solutions.  We cannot promise a fix, but in most cases we have been able to bring through payroll and sales etc.

Q: Which software have you been able to integrate with QuickBooks 2011.
A: Procura for the health care industry, Campground Master.