Why a CPB?

A CPB is trained to record your year-end adjustments and prepare your adjusted trial balance - the last step before the financial statements and tax return are prepared. Your financial statements and tax returns are only as good as the company books that you give to your Accountant​

T4 Returns and T5018 Subcontractor Reporting

QuickBooks will prepare your T4's for you from the information that you have calculated in your payroll.  However QuickBooks does not recalculate the totals to see if the correct amounts were taken for Canada Pension and Employment Insurance.

With our tax program, we can run the worksheet to see if you are submitting the correct amounts to help ensure that you do not get a PIER report for being short on your remittance at the end of the year. 

QuickBooks Online 

  • Apps for your smartphone
  • Import your receipts from your cell
  • Attach scans, go paperless

Training, Consulting

QuickBooks Bookkeeping training and support

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