Why a CPB?

A CPB is trained to record your year-end adjustments and prepare your adjusted trial balance - the last step before the financial statements and tax return are prepared. Your financial statements and tax returns are only as good as the company books that you give to your Accountant​


Payroll services
We highly recommend using QuickBooks payroll to run payroll for your small business.  However if you prefer us to handle payroll for you, then we can provide this service.  Then when we are finished, we can send you an import file that will get your QuickBooks up to date. For some of our clients, we also find that they have payroll issues that go beyond what QuickBooks can handle.  In this case, we will often recommend PayDirt software. PayDirt Payroll handles most of the payroll issues we have seen. It does our client's job costing very well, including the overhead costs. This automatically creates an import file for QuickBooks, Simply and MYOB. In QuickBooks you only have to choose File, Utilities, Import and point to the file. We prepare the payroll and send it to our clients encrypted with a password. You can choose to purchase your own copy of this software to prepare payroll inhouse, or we can provide payroll services to you.

Bookkeeping services and Year End

We provide bookkeeping services for clients using QuickBooks and other software. Our services include the usual monthly bookkeeping with financial statements as well as government tax reporting for payroll, year end T4's, T5018, ROE, WCB, and GST/HST. We also specialize in helping our clients get their company books ready for year end, and build a binder for the year end accountant. We do not do year end tax returns, we only help balance the books to give to your accountant. In this respect, if your accountant gets a balanced set of books then he won't need to overcharge for time spent trying to figure out your books, and they will have more time to spend on giving you valuable tax planning and business advice. The key is to make sure that you are well within your filing deadlines. You cannot bring in your books mid April, and expect your accountant to give you extra time at their busiest time of the year. 

Training services and Consulting
Training Services and Consulting in Accounting software including: Setup, installation, conversion and training in accounting packages, for example QuickBooks, MYOB, and Simply Accounting, QuickBooks Point of Sale and other integrated POS program, PayDirt payroll programs. Remote support services are also available as well as inhouse bookkeeping and payroll.

QuickBooks Setup and Merchant Services
QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro and Premier and Point of Sales: sales, installation, setup and training - conversion from your previous accounting package, GIFI codes to get your tax summary quicker, support and troubleshooting.  We can even help you with getting your merchant account setup. 

Cheques, Envelopes and Forms
We can also provide cheques for less. First order will receive an extra 100 cheques.

GST Filing
Review, generate GST reports and filing at your office.
Pricing is available upon request

T4 and T5018 slips and reports
Provide T4 and T5018 slips and related report at year end.
Pricing is available upon request

Year End Preparation
Year end balancing, making the books ready for filing tax return.
We do not prepare tax returns, however we make sure that the previous year was closed off properly, then we check and reconcile all the balance sheet accounts and check the general ledger details to make sure items are posted to the correct accounts.

QuickBooks Consulting & Bookkeeping

Integrated Business Management Group Inc.

QuickBooks Online 

  • Apps for your smartphone
  • Import your receipts from your cell
  • Attach scans, go paperless

Training, Consulting

QuickBooks Bookkeeping training and support

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