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Here are some milestones in our business over the last 15 years...

Top Stories

  • 15th Year doing Bookkeeping
    July, 2011
    The is the 15th year since we started doing bookkeeping throughout the Greater Victoria area, including Sooke, Central Saanich, and Sidney, BC.
  • 10th Year Anniversary of our Incorporated Company
    November, 2009
    The was the 10th year since we were incorporated.
  • Regional Director of the International Professional Bookkeepers of Canada
    2009 to 2010
    Wendy Willis was the first Regional Director for IPBC in Victoria.  We continue to meet monthly in order to network and keep up with all the latest changes in bookkeeping and accounting.
  • We've Moved to Rowland Avenue
    August 1, 2009
    We moved from the Colwood crawl on Admirals Road to our new building on Rowland Avenue.  We love this new location because it is newer, bigger, has lots of storage room and is much more central.
  • Passed the IPBC Exam to become a Certified Professional Bookkeeper
    March 13, 2009
    There are many bookkeepers who are members and strive to attend regular monthly meetings, but it is important that your bookkeeper is not just a member, but has also taken the time to write the exam and provide you with a level of assurance proven by their ability to pass the IPBC exam.
  • Regional QuickBooks Trainer for Intuit Canada
    October, 2006
    We really enjoyed working for Intuit Canada, delivering seminars at Royal Roads, and the Executive Inn (Holiday Inn) on Blanshard Street.
  • 10th year running my own small business
    July, 2006
    When I was working in the accounting firm, I dreamed of starting my own business, and I am glad that I did, because it has been challenging in many respects but on the other hand it has been so encouraging to work with clients who have become more like friends, and seeing the light go in their eyes and the smile on their faces has been more than rewarding.
  • Simply Certified Consultant
    July, 2005
    I learned Simply Accounting first, and had several clients in Simply Accounting so I continue to support the work that I started with them. I attend Simply conferences also to stay up to date with changes.
  • QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
    July, 2002
    I really enjoyed working with QuickBooks, so after having several years experience in the product and feeling very comfortable with it, I decided to write the exam and become a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.
  • QuickBooks POS Certified
    September, 2001
    Intuit Canada did have a Point of Sale product at the time and we enjoyed being there to help set up our clients, by importing their data into the new system, helping them with their inventory imports, and linking their QuickBooks to the Point of Sale. Intuit Canada no longer sells the product, however we still use our knowledge and expertise gained to help with integrating and linking other systems like Campground Master, Procura, RetailPro, Netsuite and Storage Locker software.
  • QuickBooks ProAdvisor
    August, 2000
    I started working with Quicken, so when QuickBooks also came out I was eager to try it, and liked it very much.